Collaborations on songs can be in person or over the net!

We can make songs of peace, rights and sustainability and write, record, mix and so on in person (Cincinnati) OR over the net!

No experience necessary, no money is needed, no musical gear required, all are welcome and if you don’t know how to be involved or wonder how you can contribute lyrics, ideas or a recording of yourself over the net then just let me know.
I will do whatever I can do to make songs of Peace, Rights and Sustainability happen and for you to be a part of this.

Drop me a line if you have questions or want to jump in on a song right away!

The next couple posts here on this site go into various details such as us getting together in a public place (meeting room at the DP library 45236 zip), and also there’s a list of songs as an example of songs like I mentioned, how you can be involved in person or over the net and more, so check the posts out or just get ahold of me and let’s have fun making music!!!


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The songwriting meetings continue at DP Library in Cincinnati!

So, the upcoming meetings focused on making songs of Peace, Rights and Sustainability are set for
+++Thursday August 11th 2022  CANCELED!!!+++
Thursday August 18th 2022 @ 5:00 – 6:30pm is still on.
in meeting room A, (Ask a librarian if you can’t find it)
Deer Park Library 45236 zip code.

The days these are scheduled will depend on a few things, so make sure to check since it won’t be on the same day every week.

ALL ARE WELCOME! This does not require any money, any experience writing songs or lyrics or having recorded before.
So please, if you want a better world and to have fun then join in!

You may want to bring a notebook and pen or pencil but it’s not required.
The computer I will have can provide drums and lots of sounds that we can use as a jumping off point. Bring anything you’d like and we can jam, work out chords or any other approach.

What I think would be great would be a few musicians and a few singers/rappers/spoken word/lyrics writers and we jam/wander through ideas until something seems to click with the singers and so forth and build from there, but ANY approach is fine and welcome. It’s whatever works!

Just remember, this is a library and the meeting rooms are set up to have some noise going on that won’t bother all the others there, it’s obviously not soundproofed so we just need to not get out of control or use a full drum kit and so forth.

Also, this is organized by me, not the library, so if you have questions specifically about the event please direct them to me, but questions about the library, their policies and so forth should go to them.
You can email me at (change the AT to a normal @ sign)

Please NOTE: These gatherings will be subject to the space and seating constraints for whatever room we are in. I can’t change that. I don’t think we’ll go over the amount of people that can fit but if that happens I/We can try to figure out what to do.

Picture of the library:

Cincinnati & Hamilton County Public Library-Deer Park Branch Library sm

4020 E. Galbraith Rd.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45236
(In the Dillonvale Shopping Center)

Dates/Times (as of now):
+++Thursday August 11th 2022  CANCELED!!!+++
Thursday August 18th 2022 @ 5:00 – 6:30pm is still on.

What you’ll need:
Just you and a desire to make this a better world AND have some fun doing so in a creative and fun way!!!

NOTE: We will try to “socially distance” but since the restrictions have mainly been lifted you won’t be required to wear a mask or anything BUT you are obviously welcome to AND since I have no idea how many people will show up, if you aren’t comfortable in public then you can skip meeting in person and drop me a line and I’ll make sure to help you be involved remotely!

I’ll do whatever I can to help anyone wanting to be involved.

PS, it would be helpful if you read what’s at
so there aren’t any misunderstandings of what can be done with everyone’s works, what your obligation to others is and so forth.

In case anyone would want to share the links for places I have this listed, here’s the one for Meetup :
They will be scheduled on Meetup as soon as I can.
I used to also list these on Eventbrite but the site is too buggy and not worth the time

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List of songs of peace, rights, sustainability, activism, protest, etc

Here’s a short list of songs that may inspire the type of songs of peace, rights, sustainability, (Peaceful, Non-violent) activism and protest, social change, etc that this project is intending to bring into being.
Not the sound necessarily, but some of the types of message.
1) Michael Franti & Spearhead

”Bomb The World” (We can bomb the world to pieces but we can’t bomb it into peace) and “Hey World” (Don’t Give Up)
2) CSNY ”Ohio”
3) Marvin Gaye ”Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)”, ”What’s Going On”, “What’s Happening Brother”, “Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)”


4) Neil Young ”Let’s Impeach The President”
5) Natalie Merchant ”Carnival”
6) Bruce Hornsby ”The Way It Is”
7) Eric Johnson ”Trail Of Tears”
8) Pink ”Dear Mr President”
9) Rush “Closer To The Heart” and others
10) The Clash “Know Your Rights”
11) Michael Jackson “Heal The World” and “We Are The World”
12) U2 “Pride” (In The Name Of Love)
13) Bruce Springsteen “American Skin” (41 Shots)
14) John Lennon “Imagine”, Plastic Ono Band “Give Peace a Chance”
15) David Rovics (Pretty much anything by him)
16) Bright Eyes “When The President Talks To God”
17) The Youngbloods “Get Together”
18) Bob Marley and The Wailers “Get Up, Stand Up”, One Love”


19) Pete Seeger “We Shall Overcome”
20) Black Sabbath “War Pigs”
21) The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphopricy “Television, The Drug Of The Nation” and others
22) Depeche Mode “People Are People”
23) Buffalo Springfield ”For What It’s Worth”
24) Concrete Blonde “God Is A Bullet”
25) The Beatles All You Need is Love”


26) Nina Simone – “Mississippi Goddam”
27) Billie Holiday – “Strange Fruit”
28) Bob Dylan – “Masters of War”
29) CCR – “Fortunate Son”
30) Anthrax – “Indians”
31) George Harrison – Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)”
32) Patti Smith – “People Have the Power”
33) Jackie DeShannon – “Put a Little Love in Your Heart”, “What the World Needs Now Is Love”
34) Rebelution feat. Lutan Fyah – “Good Vibes”
35) The Cranberries – “Zombie”
Alicia Keys – “We Are Here”
37) Anti-Flag – “911 for Peace”
38) Curtis Mayfield & The Impressions – “People Get Ready”
39) Matisyahu – “One Day”
40) Lenny Kravitz – “We Want Peace”
41) The O’Jays – “Love Train”
42) Ozzy Osbourne – “Revelation (Mother Earth)”
43) Renaissance – “Cry to the World”
44) Ocean Colour Scene – “Profit In Peace”
45) Buffy Sainte-Marie – “Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee”, “Universal Soldier”, “The War Racket”, “No No Keshagesh” and many others.
46) Woody Guthrie – Harriet Tubman’s Ballad” and many others.
47) Temple Of The Dog – “Hunger Strike”
48) 4 Non Blondes – “What’s Up”
49) Gil Scott Heron – “Whitey On the Moon”, “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”
50) John Mellencamp – “Rain On The Scarecrow”
51) John Trudell – “Fables and Other Realities”, “Listening (Honor Song)” and many others.
52) The Chambers Brothers – “Love, Peace & Happiness”
53) Grand Funk Railroad – “Creepin'”
54) Def Leppard – “Gods Of War”

55) Metallica – “One”
56) Megadeth – “Countdown To Extinction” and others.
57) Pink Floyd – “On The Turning Away”, “Us And Them”, “Echoes” and others.
58) Toto – “Love Has The Power”
59) Stevie Wonder – “Village Ghetto Land”
50) Yes – “The More We Live – Let Go”, “Take the Water to the Mountain”
51) Bill Withers – “Lean On Me”
52) The Bob Seger System – “2 + 2 = ?”
I’ll add to this and please feel free to contact me with suggested additions and/or to be involved in this project.

PS, this project is a call out to ALL artists and ALL people that want positive change, people that see things that are wrong that need changing, and people that see things that are right that need support
… even if you don’t want to be involved in this project PLEASE stop with your silence.
It’s a betrayal to the world and it’s a betrayal to the idea of art itself.
Speak up.

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