AI (Artificial Intelligence)

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

I just left a comment on a YouTube video made by Rick Beato. He has a channel where he digs into music in various ways and this video was about AI (Artificial Intelligence) and it’s impact on music and artists and his predictions of what would happen.
So, I watched it and he had some good points but I take it a bit farther, and I thought I ought to share it here for whatever it’s worth…

“Just as every single tool, actually everything in existence, has or will be used to harm, used selfishly, used with no regard for what impact it’s use is causing with no concern for anyone or anything, so will AI be used. It’s already been used for scams, it’s dangers are immense and the average person doesn’t care one singe bit. Greed and irresponsible behavior has spread like a cancer and the lazy selfish greedy self centered people (the majority, let’s face it) will just march us all into a worse dystopia day by day. Music and all the arts, which is meant to entertain, but also be used (at least should be used) to encourage a better world, one without greed, poverty, war, and so forth is meant to come from the soul, spirit, heart or wherever you want to picture it coming from, and it will end up all coming from algorithms made to deceive people and make a few idiots rich.

We’ve already lost connection with people on a massive scale.  How many people know and talk to their neighbors?

We’ve already lost connection with actual spirituality, much of it is just making authors and video makers rich.

We’ve already lost connection with OUR PLANET and life itself.

Most people only get outraged when they’re told to be outraged on something that is meant to distract or enrich others.

And AI will just make each of those things exponentially worse.

Technology CAN help.
How often it does is a much lower number than how often it harms.

An interview with Rod Serling comes to mind. It was before Twilight Zone had been launched and he talked of the huge potential for good that TV had to offer, but he saw that IMMEDIATELY the sponsors and the greed and shortsightedness and selfishness and shallowness of those at networks and in board rooms ruined it and steered it away from doing good straight into the gutter.

Just using voice and video, AI can obviously undo us by faking us into war, faking a smear campaign against anyone questioning the status quo, the war machine and so forth, but even if it didn’t, it’s going to separate us from our soul, our hearts and each others more by the day at a time when the total, complete opposite is desperately, desperately needed.

Try to hold onto your heart and humanity people. When John Trudel said “Protect your spirit, because you are in the place where spirits get eaten.”, he was right then and if it wasn’t apparent to people then, it should be crystal clear now.


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