Contribute Articles, etc

   If you write or do videos or produce anything that deals directly with the mission of this project I’d be glad to consider sharing whatever you have on this site with attribution, but just please note I can’t pay you for your content. If donations are made and it works out to enough to cover having the site and then there’s extra I will gladly share but this is new and we’ll have to see what happens, so as for now just look at it as strictly contributing not for profit.

   This site and the whole project is not monetized at all. The music and/or videos, if there is any, may be distributed for sale and for free but that will depend on all those involved in any of the music and/or videos, and as stated above we’ll deal with that when it comes along and that is/will be covered on the Collaborating on Music/Videos page.

If you have anything to contribute or have any questions please contact me.


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