Satellite Sessions Demo And How We Can Use It For The Project

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The above video is a basic demo of using the music collaboration program “Satellite Sessions”.
This is an important part of the project and I walk you through uploading, downloading and adding to a song.
This is only basic and is meant as that.

Through this we can work on songs of rights, sustainability and peace.

If you don’t have access to a DAW you can still be involved!
You can write lyrics and poetry, you can even record your voice or whatever on a phone or other method, just contact me and we’ll figure out how you can participate.

The Satellite Sessions site is
and their “how to” guide can be found at
I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE COMPANY OR PROGRAM, I’m just sharing this as it will be a great way to accomplish the collabs, if you have any questions please contact them.

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This new video, podcast and article series will help us make this a better world and have fun with music, collaborations and recording!

This project is to help us all be able to automatically search for better ways or to deal with problems in an immediate way and to be proactive AND to mix in music in whatever ways possible!

There is more detail on this project at the first post and this page and more will be found in future posts and the various pages of this site which have been started but need more work.


Now, get to work making this a better world!!!

PS, many of the posts on here will also have a podcast with just the audio of the video but this one didn’t seem like it would help much so this post is just the video and text and links.

PPS, you may have noticed the 3rd track I recorded was cutting out, that’s because the mic is going through some stuff including a noise gate and the instrument I played was quiet enough the gate was closing, so just for the record, that’s what was going on not that it matters but whatever.

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