List of songs of peace, rights, sustainability, activism, protest, etc

Here’s a short list of songs that may inspire the type of songs of peace, rights, sustainability, (Peaceful, Non-violent) activism and protest, social change, etc that this project is intending to bring into being.
Not the sound necessarily, but some of the types of message.
1) Michael Franti & Spearhead

”Bomb The World” (We can bomb the world to pieces but we can’t bomb it into peace) and “Hey World” (Don’t Give Up)
2) CSNY ”Ohio”
3) Marvin Gaye ”Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)”, ”What’s Going On” and “What’s Happening Brother
4) Neil Young ”Let’s Impeach The President”
5) Natalie Merchant ”Carnival”
6) Bruce Hornsby ”The Way It Is”
7) Eric Johnson ”Trail Of Tears”
8) Pink ”Dear Mr President”
9) Rush “Closer To The Heart”
10) The Clash “Know Your Rights”
11) Michael Jackson “Heal The World” and “We Are The World”
12) U2 “Pride” (In The Name Of Love)
13) Bruce Springsteen “American Skin” (41 Shots)
14) John Lennon “Imagine”
15) David Rovics (Pretty much anything by him)
16) Bright Eyes “When The President Talks To God”
17) The Youngbloods “Get Together”
18) Bob Marley and The Wailers “Get Up, Stand Up”
19) Pete Seeger “We Shall Overcome”
20) Black Sabbath “War Pigs”
21) The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphopricy “Television, The Drug Of The Nation”
22) Depeche Mode “People Are People”
23) Buffalo Springfield ”For What It’s Worth”

I’ll add to this and please feel free to contact me with suggested additions and/or to be involved in this project.

PS, this project is a call out to ALL artists and ALL people that want positive change, people that see things that are wrong that need changing, and people that see things that are right that need support
… even if you don’t want to be involved in this project PLEASE stop with your silence.
It’s a betrayal to the world and it’s a betrayal to the idea of art itself.
Speak up.

Overview and invite! (Updated)

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Let’s collaborate on songs of Peace, Rights and Sustainability!!!
No experience necessary.
No money necessary.
As little or as much time as you’d like to put into this.
This can be easy, fun and help our world,
PLEASE contact me and let’s get some songs going!

I’ll list links a couple paragraphs below to programs and websites we can use to share audio and video and text files as I decide what I am using and will update as needed.
Suggestions are welcome.

This project is about making a better world, so the songs are specifically meant to be about rights, sustainability, peace and so forth. We want the instrumentation to be as good as possible, but this is about more than just the music, they must carry a message in support of a better world.


A DAW is a Digital Audio Workstation – recording program Like FL Studio, Cubase, ProTools…..
If you don’t have access to a DAW you can still be involved!
You can write lyrics and poetry, you can even record your voice or whatever on a phone or other method, just contact me and we’ll figure out how you can participate.

The LIST of programs and sites we can use.
(that will be updated and yes, I welcome suggestions)…
1)   I use FL Studio as my DAW. Whatever you use is fine and if you don’t have one don’t worry, contact me and we’ll get your music, vocals or whatever as part of a song.
2) is a site I joined where you can upload tracks and get people to join in on a collab, please check it out and when you do let me know you’ve joined so we can connect and collab.
3) is one of many sites that you can transfer files (up to 2 GB) and/or store files.
4)    Mega has free and paid storage with 20 Gigs free (more than Dropbox) and while I haven’t used this part yet, on your desktop browser, Android or iOS device, you can have a secure voice or video call with a single contact or have a group text chat with several contacts participating. You can also send files from your MEGA Cloud Drive to other members of the group chat while messages are flowing, so collabs could be nice and productive using that site.
AND  Please READ the terms and privacy policy of any site or program or app that you use. I am listing these and will add or change the list but the decision to use any of them or others MUST be decided by you and you can’t make a proper decision unless you are informed, so read up on your own.

If you do want to trade tracks back and forth through email or whatever please make sure to render the tracks you plan on sending from the very start of the song even if the part you want to send doesn’t come in until part way through the song.
So there may be a lot of silence before your music or vocals are heard but it will ensure they come in at the right place and are lined up properly.

My instrumental music you can listen to if you’d like to see some of what I can do:

Please contact me with questions, ideas or to sign up for the newsletter. is a new video, podcast and article series that will help us make this a better world and have fun with music, collaborations and recording!
It will help us all be able to automatically figure out better ways or to deal with problems in an immediate way and to be proactive AND to mix in music in whatever ways possible!
There is more detail on this project at the first post, more will be found in future posts and the various pages of this site which have been started but need more work.


Now, get to work making this a better world!!!

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