Collaborations on songs can be in person or over the net!

We can make songs of peace, rights, sustainability, truth and write, record, mix and so on in person (Cincinnati) OR over the net!

No experience necessary, no money is needed, no musical gear required (even just a recording on your phone can work), all are welcome, all music including spoken word, it can be easy and if you don’t know how to be involved or wonder how you can contribute lyrics, ideas or a recording of yourself over the net then just let me know.
I will do whatever I can do to make songs of Peace, Rights and Sustainability happen and for you to be a part of this.

Drop me a line if you have questions or want to jump in on a song right away!

REMEMBER: People have been making music since time began and it doesn’t have to be hard, complicated or “perfect”.
*** This isn’t a songwriting class that lasts and lasts and goes on and on trying for perfection, it’s meant to be fast, fun and get the music OUT THERE!!! ***
It may be waaaay easier than you think, so don’t hesitate, join in or do some on your own, JUST DON’T REMAIN SILENT!!!

The next couple posts here have many song examples, info about us getting together in a public place (meeting room at the DP library 45236 zip), plus how you can be involved in person or over the net and more, so check the posts out or just get ahold of me and let’s have fun making music!!!