Three songs started for us to collaborate on!

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The above video has 3 song ideas I started and are available to collaborate on using the music collaboration program “Satellite Sessions”.
The working titles on the songs are “Forest”, “Friends” and “Harmony”.

There’s a post with short clips of all the songs without all the talk. Those will be 10 per audio mp3 and can be found at

This project is about making a better world, so the songs are specifically meant to be about rights, sustainability, peace and so forth. We want the instrumentation to be as good as possible, but this is about more than just the music, they must carry a message in support of a better world.


The program we can use to collaborate:

Once you have the program installed and figure out how to run it in your DAW, contact me by clicking here and let me know you’d like to jump in on a song, send your email through the contact form and the name of the song you’d like me to invite you to and I will and you can then have access to all tracks and start collaborating!

PLEASE NOTE: The tracks on there all belong to whoever created them and then when we put it together all the people involved hold the rights to the song, so you will own your part(s) and then have an equal holding of rights and say about the song and what’s done with it.

So, the tracks are for this project and for the personal use of those that made those tracks, they are not there for any other use unless you get express written permission from the creator of the tracks.

All Rights Reserved.

If you don’t have access to a DAW you can still be involved!
You can write lyrics and poetry, you can even record your voice or whatever on a phone or other method, just contact me and we’ll figure out how you can participate.

The Satellite Sessions site is
I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE COMPANY OR PROGRAM, I’m just sharing this as it will be a great way to accomplish the collabs, if you have any questions please contact them.

Please contact me with questions, ideas or to sign up for the newsletter. is a new video, podcast and article series that will help us make this a better world and have fun with music, collaborations and recording!
It will help us all be able to automatically search for better ways or to deal with problems in an immediate way and to be proactive AND to mix in music in whatever ways possible!
There is more detail on this project at the first post, more will be found in future posts and the various pages of this site which have been started but need more work.


Now, get to work making this a better world!!!

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