Who Holds The Rights To What Is Created

Who Holds The Rights To What Is Created?

As part of this project….
Whatever you create is yours, you hold the rights.
No one can legally, ethically or morally take what you have created and use it against your will. They would need express written permission to use it.
If you are a minor, even though you hold the rights to your creations, an adult parent or guardian needs to give permission for you to be involved.
Whatever we create together will be jointly and evenly held by the creators of that particular work.
So, let’s say you and I make a song and/or video. We will each hold it equally and we each have to agree to release it and how it is released or used before it’s released or it’s not released.

If you don’t think it’s ready for sending it out to the world as it is then it doesn’t go out and the same if I don’t think it’s ready, it doesn’t go out and that also goes for how it’s released, if any money is made from it and so forth.

That way no one person involved in a particular work has more rights than others, everyone has an equal say, everyone equally holds rights split evenly, to release something to the world in whatever way(s) needs full consensus to allow it to happen and any proceeds earned from the works will evenly be split by those involved in the creation of them after reasonable overhead and costs are factored in (website, site hosting and so forth).

Having this stated right off the bat can help there be no misunderstanding and I believe it helps the mission of the project in making this a better world by making it clear ALL people involved are equal, ALL have a equal voice in decisions pertaining to the works they are a part of and no one has to worry about working on something and having someone use it contrary to their wishes.

As for the idea of making things like music out in the commons with no rights held at all, it may sound like a nice idea but think about how you’d feel if your work was used by a horribly corrupt warmongering corporate serving politician or a corporation that is focused on money only and harming people, animals or planet means nothing to them using your work to help them continue their dastardly deeds.
You probably wouldn’t want that would you?
No, I don’t think you would.
So, holding rights to songs or whatever creative efforts can be a good thing and does not mean it’s greedy or selfish if that’s a concern to you or you view rights holding in that light.
If you disagree that’s fine, but anything coming out of this project will have the rights attached and held equally by all those involved in the creation of those particular works so if you choose to be involved and do not care about your rights you just need understand that while you don’t feel a need to hold rights that you can’t give away, ignore or dissolve the rights of others. You may not concern yourself with the use of something you helped create and that’s fine, but if others don’t want it used by, let’s say a corporation or politician, then it’s not used by them.

Further, the work(s) can be legally registered and copyrighted if all involved in that particular work want to do that and would depend upon the laws of the countries the creators live in.

Along with the above I am adding this AGREEMENT that follows for anyone wanting to be involved in this project or a collaboration with me and others.
You will have to agree with what is said above and in this agreement below to enter into a collaboration with me and possibly others.

Joint Work Collaboration Agreement V1 10/19/2021 is as follows

Equal Shares Agreement (collaborator version).

“I understand that I have the right to leave the project at any time prior to the song’s completion. In this case, the project manager is obligated to remove from the project any sound recording and any written music or lyric that has been contributed by me, unless otherwise agreed with me in writing.

I understand, agree, and accept that after such time that the project is complete, all individual contributions used in the song will become joined as inseparable or interdependent parts of a unitary whole – which is legal jargon to say: all collaborators will jointly own ‘the song’.

Prior to the completion of the project, all collaborators continue to retain 100% of the authorship/ownership of their original work/contribution.

A project is not considered to be ‘complete’ until the song’s completion and shares in the song are agreed by its collaborators in full consensus.

As an outcome of this collaboration:

Shares in the copyright of the composition (music and lyrics) and shares in the copyright of the master sound recording will be divided equally between all songwriters, recording artists (performers) and audio engineers.

What is done with the song such as distributing it or not and if it is distributed, how and through where and so forth must also be agreed upon by all collaborators in full consensus. The work is not to be used or distributed contrary to the wishes of anyone involved.

Copyright laws vary from place to place, country to country and extra steps may need to be taken for full protection of individual’s rights under the law. Please feel free to read up, get advice and educate yourself and let me know of any issues you have with the wording of this agreement which I have here with the intention of respecting everyone’s rights and avoiding any misunderstandings in the future.”

– Joint Work Collaboration Agreement V1 10/19/2021


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March 14, 2021
Updated October 10, 2021
Updated October 19, 2021

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