Who Holds The Rights To What Is Created

What is, who holds rights to songs, etc. and agreement for:
The ABetterWorldWithSteveAndMusic.com Project(s).

This project (ABetterWorldWithSteveAndMusic.com) or associated gatherings is a collaborative music & video, etc. project open to all & is meant to help us bring into being songs, videos, etc of Peace, Rights and Sustainability & anything related to those things.

If I (Steve Howard) or this project are involved there can be no encouragement of violence, hatred, intolerance or anything else along those lines.
Please know from the start those things are not welcome nor will be tolerated in this project or by me.

If you are involved in this project you are agreeing that with a few things. This doesn’t in any way limit what you can do outside of the project but as a part of this you agree that:

1) All works (lyrics, recordings, etc) are owned by the person that creates it.

2) If someone adds something & then decides before it has been released they do not want it in the work it must be removed by ALL having a copy of that part.

3) Once works become a mixture it is equally owned by all those that had to do with the creation of the work.

4) No work (song, etc) shall be released until there is a full 100% consensus by all involved.

5) How and where it is released or distributed is the same, a full 100% consensus needs be had.

6) If there are any monetary proceeds it is to be either donated 100% to a non profit or something related to that particular song’s focus as chosen by all those involved OR the money to be split evenly by all involved in the project as is decided by all involved in the project) .

7) NO pressure from anyone upon others to vote or agree upon something. The way we handle ourselves including with disagreements in this project must align with the project’s goal.

Further, the work(s) can be legally registered & copyrighted (which offers more robust and legal protection) if all involved in that particular work want to do that & would depend upon the laws of the countries the creators live in.

Please read & understand the above & if you do sign this, date it & give me a copy of it.
If you are under the age of 18 please have a parent or legal guardian read & sign & give me a copy.

Any revisions will be on the site.

Thanks! Steve Howard May 10, 2022
Updated May 6, 2024 (changed #6 to read donated OR split evenly between all involved in the project)

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